Saturday, October 27, 2007

it doesnt seem so long ago that house party was in theaters, people were still rockin fades and fresh prince was the best show on tv (isnt it still???). anyways to remember this era here are two new jack jams. first up is r-kelly's born into the 90's. what more can you ask for the name says it all. second is digital underground's  freaks of the industry slo mo party hiphop at its finest.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shiny Fruit

A faint pulse echoes through the forest, the alluring sounds draw you slowly away from the beaten path. Dreamily you wander deeper into the trees, propelled on by the hypnotic bleeps. Suddenly a light flashes and the glowing entrance to a cave appears, the beat gets louder as you draw near. Overwhelmed by curiosity and completely forgetting the civilized world you drift down the bleary cave path until it opens into a wide cavern, lit only with torches and filled with an undulating mass of Avalonians. 2 futuristic gypsies control the throbbing rhythms of the pagan dance floor, tweaking wooden knobs on vine covered oscillators and arpeggiating the crowd into madness. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Choppin It Up

One part of the recently released series of 12"s from the DFA sister label (?) Death From Abroad features two tracks from Mock & Toof. The a side is a stomping acid workout that takes off after a slick extended steel bell intro. But really this is all about the thicker than nyquil synths that turn the track into a dreamy trance out. 

I first heard Losoul on Optimo's BBC essential mix. Responsible for the outstanding edit of UnKnownMix's The Siren I recently tracked down some original vinyl he put out in 2006. Back Wash Riders is heavy minimal funk at its finest. Chopped up stabs scatter and scoot over a straight house beat until the wobbling bass picks up and starts sliding in between. After the two minute mark the track pulls you down into a deep, hollow ravine and doesn't let up until it has thoroughly rinsed you in the oily waters of its funky river. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Seeing as I seem to be spending most of my time ripping and labeling vinyl and looking at other music blogs instead of studying for the two midterms I have in the next week, I decided to start posting songs I think are somehow important or just plain good. In addition to the above mentioned reason a quick google search for music blogs in Vancouver turned up barely a handful so perhaps I can contribute to that small (but hopefully growing) community. Anyways since I haven't exactly found out how to upload songs yet I would like to point you instead to some blogs that inspired me: On-Off great dance music blog from toronto via glasgow I believe, straightforward posts lots of mp3s and a great header image. 20 Jazz Funk Greats is an amazing blog out of the UK featuring imaginative musings and intergalactic sounds, updated very regularly. Beats in Space Tim Sweeney's absolutely essential site featuring mixes by world class djs and updated weekly. And finally get a taste of the ultimate blogger lifestyle over at Lloydski's impeccable blog. More posts to come.