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This was on the first volume of your Saturday Nite Live mix series.
DT: We put it out [as well].
Really? I wasn't sure whether Discfunction was your label. Let's talk a little bit about Erot who, sadly, is no longer with us.
DT: What can you say? If you hear this song—or the song that's on the other side, which is a Curtis Mayfield loop on the wrong speed with him just doing his thing—it just does you. Every time. I can't hear this record—and this is one record that got played a lot [by us]—without it having some quite emotional [effect on me]. It's weird. Erot was really good mates with Bjørn Torske and we met him a few times because we were going there a lot.
To Bergen?
DT: Yeah. And Oslo. Erot was really into it. He was starting to do a lot of stuff, and collecting lots of records. I remember when we had to give him some money for this record he just said, "Can you get me a load of records [instead]?" 

So we bought him a load of disco records! [laughs] That was probably one of the last times we saw him: to give him 40 12-inches: "Here you go mate, here's a bag of records." And he was like, "Yes!" He was made-up. If you listen to any of his records they are properly out there, dub music. Rules are out the window.
Where do you think that approach came from, because he was only 23 when he died?
DT: God knows. And God knows what he would have done [had he lived], bless him.

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hey, I've been hanging on to this one for a little while, made it last fall. i thought it was lost when my hard drive crashed but i found it again! anyways here you go, this one is my only real recorded attempt with serato, only the prince track is from vinyl, recorded live with a little post editing.

mixed by JLM

1. ll cool j - i want you
2. the barkays - holy ghost (loot edit)
3. invincible scum - shake it up
4. elridge & huey - revolutionary bust (JLM live edit)
5. unknown artist - yes you may
6. lcd soundsystem - 45:33 (shame on you)
7. prince - hot thing (shep pettibone edit)
8. sly & robbie - billy jean
9. simon baker - plastik (todd terje's turkatech remix)
10. inflagranti - where is miss palmer
11. gabrielle - forget about the world (daft punk remix)
12. botella project - sensual confessions (ooft edit)
13. jona - take five
14. ramirez - hablando (radioslave breakdown mix)
15. inner city - big fun (s.m.d. remix)
16. audion - billy says go
17. seth troxler - love bezerker
18. afefe iku - mirrordance
19. pirates of the caribbean - tu no sabe
20. jimmy edgar - my beats
21. kraftwerk - computer world
22. cassius - la mouche
23. barfly - 2 copies

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that fire

this is the video for the jimmy edgar remix of a new kathy diamond song called fire. i have yet to hear the original but jimmy's take is really sick, bouncy kick nice synths and all that goodness. the video is pretty interesting too. oddly enough this is gonna be out on disco demolition a label from the midwest...?  jimmy edgar can be found here

Fire (Jimmy Edgar Remix) from Erik West on Vimeo.

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record nerdus

this guy goes to africa and buys old vinyl from afro-beat bands. there may be a whole lot of cultural appropriation issues at work here but i will forgo them for the sake of good music! he runs a blog called voodoofunk

this is a trailer for a documentary someone is making about him.

"Take Me Away Fast" Trailer from Leigh Iacobucci on Vimeo.

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if i went to church i would want stevie to do sermons without talking, he would just play the clav and i would cry and dance

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steppa's delite

heady, heady minimal head fuck from villalobos, shackleton turns in a really percussive and trippy mix. push off before listening

picked up steppa's delite vol. 2 this week, this track is on there but its not this mix. 

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phone it in


ummmm this is amazing 


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warped love

(image courtesy of nasa)

two tracks today, one old one new. 

crazy p are a british live disco/funk/boogie whatever group and they have been making some really good music over the past five years or so. This track is a single from their latest record and it features the london's unabombers on the remix, they had a long running club night in london called the electric chair. their remix turns the discofied original into a classic new york house workout.

huge track right here, this is eddie grant's(!) original project, this is one of those songs that is hard to classify, there are some disco elements and maybe some dub influence but it really goes beyond that. pat mahoney played it at the last dfa night at celebrities and people were getting wild.

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let's talk....

new mix: all vinyl, there is some disco to start off and then some house later on. mixed on two turntables with a delay pedal. i forgot to edit out a fuck up early on sorry. its a pretty big file so just leave a comment if you have any problems downloading. (link below)

the commodores - fancy dancer
hot chocolate - everyone's a winner
the earons - land of hunger (dub)
double exposure - i got the hots for ya
sister sledge - fancy dancer
instant funk - i got my mind up
gino soccio - try it out
blade - talking bout the power (club phunk)
rhythm formula - and then...
ian pooley - celtic cross
plastique du reve - lost in the city (ft. ghostape)
audion - titty fuck
delia gonzalez & gavin russom - relevee (carl craig remix)
don carlos ft. kim mazelle - someone gotta found love (alone mix)
douglas sound - breakwind
eruption - i cant stand the rain

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Something Less


some new and old house jams to enjoy! hopefully i will have a new mix up in the next couple days.

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hey i will be updating more often starting soon!!